Keep Your Wins from Becoming Losses


So you just stepped into some luck?  Good for you and we are sorry as well.  Often when people experience a sizable windfall, they quickly have more problems than expected.  Money is not a bad thing, but money without a plan can it devastate you and your family.  From inheritance, legal winnings, and the Lotto you never know when your lucky number will be up.  When it happens, protect yourself quickly. There are many options for you to create safety for your money, family, and peace of mind.  Getting unexpected money can be a blessing, and there are ways to avoid from mutating into a curse. trusts, estate planning, and wills are only a fraction of the services that can minimize that possibility.  For your sake and for the sake of your heirs, please don’t put off planning for your new found wealth.  You’ll find that you can stretch your wealth a lot further with a few documents in place.  You can protect your children from the burden of heavy estate taxes and determine what happens to the assets you will accrue in the years to come.

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