Special Needs

Special Needs


Randy Fairbanks has been practicing in the area of special-needs law for 10 years and in the estate planning area for over 30 years. He is the father of six, including one adopted daughter with fetal alcohol syndrome. His personal experiences as a parent of a special-needs child fuel his passion for quality special needs planning and gives him a special understanding and dedication to a family’s legal needs.

My wife and I adopted a 5-year-old daughter from Eastern Europe and we learned that she had special needs.   Going through all of those years of different issues with her gave us an appreciation for the things that other families go through.  As any family with a special needs child will tell you, they’re a blessing but it’s not always easy.  There are all kinds of challenges, legally, financially, and we’ve walked through those with her and if I can do anything to help that become easier for my clients that’s what I want to do.

Estate planning for children with special needs can create unique challenges. The attorneys and staff at Fairbanks Law Group are uniquely equipped to answer questions regarding:

  • Leaving funds for the benefit of your child without causing the child to lose public benefits.
  • Making sure that the estate is managed well when you are gone.
  • Ensuring that siblings are not overburdened with caring for an individual with special needs.
  • Distributing your estate between your special needs child and your other children.
  • Making sure there is a plan to sustain your special needs child over time.
We often say,  “If you’ve met one child with special needs, you’ve met one child with special needs.”   Raising a child with special needs comes with unique difficulties and challenges. In the same manner, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for your child’s future. Together, we will craft a plan that is specific to your family’s current and long-term needs. It is our primary mission to simplify what can be a daunting and stressful process.