What Is Your Legacy?


We move in such a hectic society, working to keep up or maybe even get ahead.  We seek to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.  In most cases, we do this because we love creating possibilities and carving out a small piece of the world to leave behind.  The word legacy comes to mind.  A legacy for some could be a small empire, but to most of us, it is just something to remind our loved ones that we lived, worked, and loved, and wanted to give them a little edge in life after we are gone.  It is important to remember the gravity principle.  If you don’t prop something up it will fall.  Money and assets can be imperiled by a lack of planning.  Planning can make those assets strong and reproductive.  Smart planning can create a legacy that can impact your children’s children.  Here at Fairbanks Law Group we ask you to take a little time and plan for your legacy.  If you wish, we would love to help you in the process.


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